Classes At Lancaster Conservatory of Music

At LCM, we believe that the power of music can accomplish great things. And not all of those things are found inside a studio. Our performance-based piano lessons, voice lessons, and various other instrumental lessons can help students of all ages - from kids to adults - and all levels - from beginners to advanced - to:

  • Build self-confidence and creativity
  • Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Learn perseverance & responsibility
  • Increase memory capacity, reading comprehension, and mathematical ability
  • Bond with a community of like-minded artists and performers


"It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."
– Plato

Individual Instruction

Every Student Is Unique…

And So Is Every One of Our Classes

Brass Lessons

Performance-based lessons in trumpet, French horn, trombone, Baritone, or tuba, taught for all age and skill levels by Lancaster Conservatory’s instructors.

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DATES & TIMES: Daily from 8am-10pm

Voice Lessons

Lancaster Conservatory’s experienced voice instructors can help beginning and advanced singers to strengthen their vocal techniques and gain self-confidence.

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DATES & TIMES: Daily from 8am-10pm

Piano Lessons

Private piano and keyboard lessons for beginners or experts, taught by Lancaster Conservatory’s renowned instructors, in genres ranging from Ballads to Jazz.

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DATES & TIMES: Daily from 8am-10pm

String Lessons

Young or old, inexperienced or seasoned students can all learn to play the violin, viola, cello or bass from Lancaster Conservatory’s world-renowned teachers.

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DATES & TIMES: Daily from 8am-10pm

Woodwind Lessons

Have fun as you learn solo, ensemble, and orchestral skills from Lancaster Conservatory instructors, for piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone.

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DATES & TIMES: Daily from 8am-10pm

At LCM, we’re all about helping piano, vocal and orchestral students’ dreams take flight.

Our world-renowned faculty strives to be better teachers, so that their students receive better lessons and become better musicians – and performers. As a result, young and old students alike lead happier more fulfilling lives. It's a shared spirit for success that sets LCM apart from other instructional institutions.

We can meet your individualized lesson needs – no matter your age or skill level!

Lessons at Lancaster Conservatory of Music are…

  • Taught in our professional grade studio space.
  • Available from primary level on up to preparation for college auditions.
  • Open to all students, including homeschooled students, and even adults.

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